Solar Installs in Illinois

Well I think I have had 6 or 7 people present me a plan to put a solar panel system on my roof and all of then failed to say they can provide power when the supplier- Com Ed goes out. Picture a sunny day when the utility takes the power down and you have paid $25,000 to $40,000 to have solar panels put on the roof. Do you think you will have some power in your house? All but two installers say NO. The one that did say yes later called and said they can not provide the Tesla battery that is needed. Makes me want to ask them all why are you even trying to sell this system? I am a BSEE so in electronics they will not be able to trick me. So these grid tie systems are suppose to shut down when the Com Ed power goes out- did they never hear of disconnects? I get the impression that until Elon Musk sets up a Solar system to sell nationally that none of these system will be done right.

There is no reason that these systems that they sell you should not be able to generate power when power goes out in the day. Those that do not are simply not technically qualified to be selling these system. Yes, I talked to their engineers too. At night that all depends on your system and storage method. The Tesla Power wall should be able to provide minimum power during this time that was stored from the solar collection that was done during the day.

As an experiment I hooked up some cracked 6″ cells to make a 3 volt system. I think it went a little higher in full sun and it was lighting a lamp called a PR2 that is typically found in a pen light flashlight. The lamp stayed on even when cloud cover happened cutting off all the sun. You would have to cover the panels to total darkness for them to put out zero output. Now these cells I bought were chipped and missing corners but were the 8 Amp types. I think Solar is a possibility in Illinois if it is done right but Modernize does not have the contractors that really know what they are doing or at least they have not sent them to me as of yet. I guess I will have to wait for the real people to come around to put a Tesla roof on and in about 4 years that might just about be right. I should have a Telsa car by then.

Well another numbskull called me up and made an appointment to meet me and all day not a peep from him. Why are these people trying to sell me Solar so bad in doing business? They seem to recruit from the bottom of the barrel. Maybe he is a Mc Donalds worker drop out- I know lets sell solar where it does not make sense to put it in. If you get a call from 8153931996 don’t think that he will show up as he certainly did not for me.

The Last presentation-

More good deals- Well they tell you zero down and that they will save you money by you putting their solar system in. Well the fact is that most of these presentations end up with projection costs being equal or even a little greater than what I pay for Com Ed. All this while this system they propose is not even equal to what I use and has no battery- what no battery. Well they have a Tesla power wall but that cost another $11,000 roughly. So a guy who is in his mid 60’s is suppose to sign up on a 20 year deal to get “lower” power cost that is likely more money than what you are paying now. I know their arguments are the Com Ed will raise rates but what about the cost to remove and install panels in case the roof shingles need replacing? This then cost an additional $3,000. Does anyone see why I have no panels on my roof yet? The last system was suppose to provide 7KW. I need a little bit more than that as I run a repair business here and have pond pumps and yard lighting that all adds up.

I also tried getting a Natural Gas Fuel Cell from Bloom Energy. I thought why get a gas generator that has moving parts when a fuel cell with no moving parts will provide power- Amazon and a lot of large companies already have these installed and working. The minimum sized unit is 100KW and they are projected to last 5 years. Again the little guy loses out.