Repaired or Abandoned Units for Sale

New Heads, Belts, Electrolytics, mod speed pulley, calibrated to MDS36, new low front panel hardware.

I don’t know why but there are a small group of people that bring me equipment and have it repaired and then never come pick them up regardless of how many times I call or E mail them. They after 2 years make it clear that they do not want the unit anymore.

Well a 112 Mk II is soon to come up.

For Sale- Teac A2300SD with new heads…

Just finished the restore on a Teac A2300SD with all new Electrolytics, New heads and rebuilt Pinch roller from Terry. The oiled machine has a wow and flutter of .027% at 7.5 IPS. New Belts counter taken out and cleaned, reconditioned capstan shaft, Greased pinch roller linkage, Boards and inside of deck cleaned. Control pots sprayed with Deoxit, new type hardware on the lower face panel that are aluminum counter sunk washers and screws- they do not crack like the plastic stuff does. Calibrated for MDS36 tape in High Bias with 6 month warranty. There are some minor scratches to the face plate as these units are used but they are minor in nature- I can provide more pictures when requested. The selling price is $900. this will include shipping in the USA.

Keep in mind the heads and Pinch Roller are $350 in parts alone plus $42 in Electrolytics and at least 5 hours of labor.

Restore Cassette deck ready- Teac V-5RX new belts and new head calibrated. $200 with 6 month warranty.

Test Tapes- Alignment Tapes…

I am just letting some of the DIY repair people that often ask me where to get alignment tapes or speed tapes. These are the correctly made tapes made in a real professional manner and so in that case I can only recommend this source as a way to get a tape. They will not be cheap but when no other source is available- they are all expensive tapes, then at least to have a person who makes good fresh tapes it is of utmost importance.