Say NO To The Vacine

I was going to do this anyway but now I have a reason not to. Back a time ago there was a disclosure that a security firm developed billions of ID chips and then when they were done they disappeared. What happen to them and why did they disappear- well they found their way to the secretive black USAP people who have nasty agendas. Even the President or CIA director is not told about this as they are left out of control of this. Where do you think these ID chips went- now we are told that he can have a Hydrogel vacine mailed to use and we put it on our skin and it puts this vacine into us which is designed to modify the DNA in our bodies and also put a ID as to who we are in it. We will be labeled like cows with a tag in our ear. Not Me. 666 is on it’s way in the USA.

So the question is do you want to become one of their cattle and let them control you digitally though smart phones or do you want to remain a Human?

Satan got the beginning of grip of America back at the end of WWII. It has increased with every year. It is known as the Military Industrial Complex and they are doing things that are not related to the military exactly but control of the populace as in the whole world. Be warned that this is in place- the crooked election we just saw was just a part of that. They are up to no good at this time. Wait and see for yourself.

Infinityswisswatch warning

I got a watch for Christmas that I am suppose to be wearing for everyday use. It is the 1003 model and it either stops or loses 6 hours a day. I thought maybe it needs a new battery so that was changed. It is a 392 type coin cell.

Well even after a new battery which was only .03V higher than the old one that was at 1.57V, the watch works the same. Guess what I see inside the cover-

Made in China. Is this a forgery or a counterfeit watch? I contacted the customer service to see what they do.

Three year warranty- we will see.