New Text Scam going on 551-319-4394

Watch out for text to 551-319-4394

I was contacted by a person I know but rarely hear from and he said that he got a grant of $100,000 so I contacted the number he supplied and it was 551-319-4394 and then in going through the process that they left out one little detail that for this money they want you to pay $1500 for it and they will deliver $100,000 to your door in cash by a courier. HA that is a good one. $100,000 would or should come by armor car. Anyway their scam falls apart when they ask you to pay the $1500 not by a credit card but by I tunes gift cards. If that does not look like pissing $1500 into the wind I don’t know what does. I have already made a complaint with the IC3 which is the Internet crime division. Further the person who contacted me I asked how does he know me and never get an answer- this means his ID has been Hijacked. They are doing it by text now.