708-317-5109 fraud call

These foreign sounding characters are try to tell me my accounts are compromised and that they (SSA) are going to help me not get my accounts frozen by the Treasury Dept. Since when does the Treasury call you up and give you a chance or warning about freezing your account? I contacted my friend at the Police department and he said he got a call like that too. I asked them how is it that the SSA has to do with law enforcement and that but they try and talk their way around that question. Just watch out.

Say NO To The Vacine

I was going to do this anyway but now I have a reason not to. Back a time ago there was a disclosure that a security firm developed billions of ID chips and then when they were done they disappeared. What happen to them and why did they disappear- well they found their way to the secretive black USAP people who have nasty agendas. Even the President or CIA director is not told about this as they are left out of control of this. Where do you think these ID chips went- now we are told that he can have a Hydrogel vacine mailed to use and we put it on our skin and it puts this vacine into us which is designed to modify the DNA in our bodies and also put a ID as to who we are in it. We will be labeled like cows with a tag in our ear. Not Me. 666 is on it’s way in the USA.

So the question is do you want to become one of their cattle and let them control you digitally though smart phones or do you want to remain a Human?

Satan got the beginning of grip of America back at the end of WWII. It has increased with every year. It is known as the Military Industrial Complex and they are doing things that are not related to the military exactly but control of the populace as in the whole world. Be warned that this is in place- the crooked election we just saw was just a part of that. They are up to no good at this time. Wait and see for yourself.

Infinityswisswatch warning

I got a watch for Christmas that I am suppose to be wearing for everyday use. It is the 1003 model and it either stops or loses 6 hours a day. I thought maybe it needs a new battery so that was changed. It is a 392 type coin cell.

Well even after a new battery which was only .03V higher than the old one that was at 1.57V, the watch works the same. Guess what I see inside the cover-

Made in China. Is this a forgery or a counterfeit watch? I contacted the customer service to see what they do.

Three year warranty- we will see.

OK, We are stuck with Bonehead Biden

There is more than enough evidence that voter fraud and evil forces were involved here in both the Postal system and at polling places and people have come out as witnesses even under duress. I say the FBI should be collecting these people up and charging them with federal crimes- I would have them shot if I was in charge. That might also involve some rich guys who caused all this. Stop looking at Russians as the dirt is in our own back yard. Do Patriots with rifles have to correct this?

Here is some of the proof-https://www.theepochtimes.com/2020-election-investigation-who-is-stealing-america_3617562.html?utm_source=newsnoe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2020-12-15-4

The Dominion voting machines are part of the fraud and should be forever removed for any voting election in the future. The people causing this fraud well I would them up to a wall it will only take one shot to straighten this out forever more as well. I bet there would be a lot of them. We do not need these people around to pollute the rest of us.

Now that we know that the Shadow Government put him in there through media manipulation and crooked voting machines. There is a lot more going on than you would think and most moral Americans would rather have Trump than this puppet in there that will do what they want if he last that long.

Much can be learned by reading Rulers of Darkness by Damien Campbell as it explains a lot of what is going on and it can not be disputed.

Wake up America as you are the subject of their takeover and you will not like it.

Repaired or Abandoned Units for Sale

New Heads, Belts, Electrolytics, mod speed pulley, calibrated to MDS36, new low front panel hardware.

I don’t know why but there are a small group of people that bring me equipment and have it repaired and then never come pick them up regardless of how many times I call or E mail them. They after 2 years make it clear that they do not want the unit anymore.


Well a 112 Mk II is soon to come up.

For Sale- Teac A2300SD with new heads…

Just finished the restore on a Teac A2300SD with all new Electrolytics, New heads and rebuilt Pinch roller from Terry. The oiled machine has a wow and flutter of .027% at 7.5 IPS. New Belts counter taken out and cleaned, reconditioned capstan shaft, Greased pinch roller linkage, Boards and inside of deck cleaned. Control pots sprayed with Deoxit, new type hardware on the lower face panel that are aluminum counter sunk washers and screws- they do not crack like the plastic stuff does. Calibrated for MDS36 tape in High Bias with 6 month warranty. There are some minor scratches to the face plate as these units are used but they are minor in nature- I can provide more pictures when requested. The selling price is $900. this will include shipping in the USA.

Keep in mind the heads and Pinch Roller are $350 in parts alone plus $42 in Electrolytics and at least 5 hours of labor.

Restore Cassette deck ready- Teac V-5RX new belts and new head calibrated. $200 with 6 month warranty.

Test Tapes- Alignment Tapes…

I am just letting some of the DIY repair people that often ask me where to get alignment tapes or speed tapes. These are the correctly made tapes made in a real professional manner and so in that case I can only recommend this source as a way to get a tape. They will not be cheap but when no other source is available- they are all expensive tapes, then at least to have a person who makes good fresh tapes it is of utmost importance.


Idiots Abound Everywhere!

I could go on about defunding the Police like some places intend to do but this time I was lead to this guy making his own tape demagnetizer. Why do people of such rudimentary knowledge try to make out that he know something when they clearly show that they are surely lacking.

You should do all degaussing as it is really called with any deck turned off otherwise you will blow out the head preamps. How do I know this? I have had to fix the units that people did this to over the years and they know afterwards that they made a mistake NOT reading the instructions. Now this guy does it on his video- that little amount of magnetism from that screw will do nothing for you as it is too weak not to mention the whole idea of demagnetizing a head is unnecessary anyway. Have you ever measured the residual magnetism at a head before and after using a real degausser? If so you will find out that the reading is the same as I found out.

The fact is if someone is telling you to do something on You Tube you can guess with pretty good certainty that it is wrong- that much is true as I have watched too many of these experts call the items by the wrong terms, do things that are completely wrong. I should know.

Technicians That Advertise on E bay- Watch Out!

I have been told and saw adds on E bay that people do repair work on decks. This one guy out of Shaumburg IL. did full Pioneer recaps on decks but I ask- Is he a real Technician or a parts changer. Well the last couple of days I have been looking over a deck he serviced. Well the Tension arms were not touched and were way too loose, the microswitches that fail often were not changed. The low speed on the deck has a wow and flutter at around .5%. The High speed was good at around .o5%. This .5% W&F was found out to be caused by a broken foil due to aggressive removal of the other cap on the servo board. It really does not matter if he used Gold colored cap on a board if they in fact are not connected. Doesn’t he check his work in the function of the deck? I guess not. .5% wow and flutter is very easy to hear.

After the correction I made the w&F is down to .06%. When I took the 4 screws out of the power supply to check the work, the board fell free off the decks so not only were the wrong screws used to screw the power supply to the front plate but the screws for the PCB to the hinged frame were never put back. I bet he has lots of screws all over his bench extra- but wouldn’t you prefer that all the right screws went back in? The Belt was a very loose 15″ size so that and lubrication were not addressed. So you want to pay $750 to have a guy recap your deck and then pay another guy $300 or more to fix his mistakes? Why doesn’t he do the whole job for that? This is the third customer that I have had that contacted me with a non-working deck after these characters do this recap job. There is a reason we are suppose to check the deck previous to letting it go out the door and sloppy work just makes the job not one to consider. You decide what chances you want to take as this kind of work to me is preposterous.

I continue to find more damage circuit wise as I proceed and I can say that this guy is a butcher to these otherwise fine decks- 6 torn up foils found so far and some on the power supply are missing and the wires bent through the holes where foil patterns used to be.

Face Masks and it’s effectiveness

I have not bought into all this face mask wearing for viruses and what government is forcing upon you. In fact I can not think of a more incompetent group of persons to manage the well being of our citizens.

Watch this and get again informed and make your own decision but I bet you won’t have a mask on after it. I have found that the virus is 100nM in size and so no mask like that is going to stop anything like that. That means 100 X 10^-9 Meters in size. They are as good as a screen door in a submarine.


There is even more info being released of found out about to tell you where this came from.

Corona virus Natural?

Restored Units from E bay- Warning

I have had a few units come in to me for evaluation when they did not work right according to the sale description that they were restored. HA!

Not only did the unit I looked at was clearly untouched service wise but the reel table was pushed in- not by shipping, and all kinds of other signs were clear that this was a total fraud case- it came from NY. I name names but I did not gain this information.

If a unit is described as Restored keep in mind that Restored is a level ABOVE repaired. It means all new belts and rubber, new neoprene bumpers, new Electrolytic caps throughout and then aligned and calibrated with some level of heads that are not at their end of life. This was the complete opposite of the deck I inspected and this was clearly a fraud case so I told the client to send it back.

Restored units should have a warranty, it should say who the Technician was that did the work in order to validate the claim and it should relate what was done to it. It should list what tape was used to calibrate the deck and a length or warranty of the work done. My 6 month warranties are transferable. The guy who got ripped off ended up buying a deck from me and the one I sold him was restored with a warranty and calibrated to MDS36 tape. The speed was correct as well as I change the motor pulleys with a modified one when the specs demand it. This one did. It had a complete Electrolytic recap. Heads had about 300 hours on them so they were just past broken in. It had real wood panels on the sides and feet.

The deck the guy bought as restored had red screws in the bottom and NO feet! Beware there are a lot of crooks out there and E bay is full of them.

Here is a unit from Reverb- Serviced and yet he can put these head pictures on not clean and 90% worn out heads- $750 for a A3300SXhttps://reverb.com/item/35616317-teac-a-3300sx-serviced-4-track-ns-1-4-stereo-reel-to-reel-tape-recorder deck. Crooks are everywhere.