Being Informed

I am amazed that a lot of the clients I talk to do not or have not ever heard of Dr. Steven Greer. He is trying to bring out the truth that the Government and the Military have been trying to hide all these years from the 40’s. There are so many people that watch the sheeple news media that are really full of crap that is about garbage that does not matter. I don’t waste my time on that stuff. Anyway a new movie is about to come out that furthers the education of the public on the connection possible to those that have been here for years but have known we were not ready yet. People who are informed will know something about this.

Announcing Dr. Steven Greer’s newest feature film
The venture continues and we are only now beginning.[0]=AT3J3ypPB8Mevs4yE_V0QZpfaDNCJXC0QluaLeV8rs-hnlG-V2rlbHGBSCx7-wXdS34vs39ZgEo2w6A3zwn6GDPCC6YERq39OMzY9rm3Q3h1HsxPHvhokj8M9N_k0YG0ZgQvIgFRxeqB5Arya3DCy5EGz-JxfiJXgHS6VNLhXIs4KHFW7f49t24PJBDtTCu2BHM-IVqq

Don’t get left behind but learn what is coming.

5 thoughts on “Being Informed”

  1. OK folks, I am reading the CE-5 book and I am ready to start contact protocols but always things are better in groups. Any like minded people in the Chicago area anywhere near the SW corner of O’Hare Airport. We must always expand our minds lest we die.

    1. OK People in the Chicago area, I have the CE5 App loaded and we need to set up a group to do our own work on this subject. If you are in the area and looking to advance in this so am I.

      1. I just finished the last Greer book and wow, then finished the Bob Lazar book which is much more detailed than the Netflix documentary. It goes to show how evil there are people in government.
        Most the stuff you see in the media is lies. Dr. Wernher Von Braun warned us against these crazies that are in control now-I don’t mean Trump. Think for yourself and analyze what you see as the truth is in front of you and it is not what they want you to believe.

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