Face Masks and it’s effectiveness

I have not bought into all this face mask wearing for viruses and what government is forcing upon you. In fact I can not think of a more incompetent group of persons to manage the well being of our citizens.

Watch this and get again informed and make your own decision but I bet you won’t have a mask on after it. I have found that the virus is 100nM in size and so no mask like that is going to stop anything like that. That means 100 X 10^-9 Meters in size. They are as good as a screen door in a submarine.


There is even more info being released of found out about to tell you where this came from.

Corona virus Natural?

Where to find me?

Some people have called and asked to get my address to drop off  a unit or to ship them to me. Well here is that info-

Skywave Tape Deck Repair
617 McLean Ave.
Bensenville, IL 60106

E mail: skywavebe@sbcglobal.net

For those looking to drop off units, I am at the SW corner of O’Hare Airport not far from Route 83 and 1/2 mile  South of Irving Park Road(Rt 19).  I am here most of the time but if you are dropping off it is best to let me know when you plan to arrive.

If you have questions, my Cell phone is 708-334-2260.

Google phone if I am at the Bench 2 is 630-448-2513