Alkaline Batteries- avoid them at all cost.

For those of you with expensive portable equipment or even flashlight like Mag-lites. One of the worse things you can put into a device is an Alkaline battery. They are destructive and leak every time. They could be considered hazardous material the way they destroy electronics by their leaking and corrosive fluids. I am surprised that the EPA has not outlawed these terrible junk batteries and there are many better choices that will cost you less in the long run. I suggest you get Tenergy NMH or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that may cost more initially but when you can use them 1000 times there is not a lot to figure out that they are worth a pile of money saved. I even have some AA cells from 2001 that still work. The important part though is that the DO NOT LEAK. Abandon the purchase of junk Alkaline batteries, save money and your equipment too. Head over to All-battery and buy the Tenergy product like I do and no more trouble. No I do not own or work at ALL-battery. I just have had very good luck buying their product and not one failure yet- 9V all the way to AAA and they have rechargeable 123A batteries too. Here is to make it easy for you-

It is a very good chance that this deck will become a part unit with that kind of damage.

Items Ready to be Sold with 6 Mo. Warranty

These items listed  here are ready to be sold. Not every one will be a Mint as these are older units and often times rescued from adverse locations. Many of them are very acceptable and the pictures here are of the actual units. More units will come available as they are finished.

This Teac A2000 was restored with all new Electrolytic capacitors, New belts, heads have very few hours on them. All motors oiled, calibrated for LPR35 tape in High bias setting. The speed is 3005Hz with wow and flutter in the .04% range as AMSoil was applied to bearings and motors. All pots and switches cleaned. It has a new motor run capacitor. The unit has some upper left damage of a corner to one panel. I did not have new one to put on at this point. Works very well at both speeds. 7.5 IPS is 50-20KHz inside of plus or minus 2dB at 0Vu relative to 200nWb/M flux density.

Asking $500. Other offers will be considered.





Tape Decks and other equipment repair


Do you have a Tape deck such as a Cassette or Open Reel that needs to be repaired or calibrated?  Well you have come to the right place!  I have been doing this work for over 40 years.  I was employed at the Teac Factory Service in Arlington Heights and the Sony Factory Service in Niles IL. Neither are open anymore making it difficult to get your equipment repaired until you found me!  Well why don’t we get started then?  I service Teac/Tascam, Pioneer,  Studer, Otari, Sony and Technics machines.

I can be contacted by Email:

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Phone: (708) 334-2260,  Longtime member of forum.

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