Damping Silicone in 8ml bottles

This product is used to dampen the movement of left tension arms in Teac and other tape decks. Its Viscosity is 300,000 cSt.  The 8mL sized bottle should be enough to do 3-5 tension arms per bottle. As you probably already know this product is not easy to find. The product name is Dimethyl Polysiloxane. I offer this as a service to my fellow Service Technicians who can not afford to buy a Gallon of it for over $400.

I have used it successfully on a number of decks already. It does work.

Cost is $8.00 plus $7.20 shipping.

Contact me at skywavebe@sbcglobal.net to order one or a couple bottles.

They are in limited numbers.Silicone 8ml-2

They are clear after the bubbles rise. Probably can service 10-20 machines from one bottle.

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