Damping Silicone in 8ml bottles

This product is used to dampen the movement of left tension arms in Teac and other tape decks. Its Viscosity is 300,000 cSt.  The 8mL sized bottle should be enough to do 3-5 tension arms per bottle. As you probably already know this product is not easy to find. The product name is Dimethyl Polysiloxane. I offer this as a service to my fellow Service Technicians who can not afford to buy a Gallon of it for over $400.

I have used it successfully on a number of decks already. It does work.

Cost is $8.00 plus $8.30 shipping.

Contact me at skywavebe@sbcglobal.net to order one or a couple bottles.

They are in limited numbers.Silicone 8ml-2

They are clear after the bubbles rise. Probably can service 10-20 machines from one bottle.

10 thoughts on “Damping Silicone in 8ml bottles”

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  1. Hi Sam, Alex here with a Tascam 32 that seems to need little to bring it back to reality. Replaced the capstan belt and pinch roller (Terry rebuilt). Transport mechs are all free and smooth. The damping mechs need attention, with one string slipped off at its tiny brass ferrule — managed to get that back in place, but the strings do not seem to slide easily, and the round part the string are wound on is very stiff — I presume those round parts are supposed to turn at least slightly, in CW and CCW directions…?

    1. Hi Alex,
      Yes that is the reason I take the part off- that whole bracket assembly to remove the damping cylinder with the two small screw on the back. They might also be taken out independently of the assembly but I have not done that yet recently. I have two 38’s here that I have to do and every one takes about 1 hour to do this part. Once the cylinder is off the center part can be separated from the outer part. I clean all the inside and outside with denatured alcohol and sometimes Lacquer Thinner which might be partially acetone. I prefer to smell Denatured more than the Lacquer Thinner- all available at a hardware store. Anyway, once the parts are clean then a very small amount of the silicon damping fluid I sell is applied- It comes from the same container that I fill the small bottles from and in fact I have the small bottles on each bench. One bottle would last for at least 50-60 machines estimated- maybe 100. I have not done data on that but suffice it to say it uses very little that is required. Then the cylinders are rotated a couple of times to distribute the silicon. This product is not like the old stuff and I do not see the need to do this ever again as this silicon is much more stable according to data sheets. It is also over $500/gallon to buy it. The string goes around 3 times and when done well the arms then respond like they should in the units that I have worked on.
      Also on the small brass end piece it is wise to secure it with a lacquer paint or even nail polish which is the same thing. This is from a person who works on them all the time and finds out what I have to do to fix things- sometimes the answer is not all that pleasant but needs to be done.

      1. You’ve convinced me to forge ahead and remove the damping cylinders for cleaning etc… I want this fine deck to be “right” and so far so good. I wonder (pointlessly) if there might be a silicon damping fluid ‘equivalent’ that could be found at a hardware or auto parts shop? If not (it’s just a matter of waiting is all) I will order a bottle from you if you still have some. Is it thick like a heavy oil, or more like a grease?

        1. The silicon damping solution is not unique to me as you can buy it at Clearco but the last quote I got was like $200/pint.
          Yes, I can sell one for you and I have lots in stock. The postage in USA is $7.90 now.
          I take Paypal but we should communicate through E mail for this.
          The Silicone is like stuff that you can not get elsewhere. If you can get a substance at a hobby shop that is 300,000cSt then
          you can try that and see if that works. My concern is if it has a evaporative carrier then it will get stiff again. The Clearco stuff is suppose to be very stable meaning it will not change over years. It is up to you.

          1. Good to have options re the damping fluid. Now that I have the dampers apart and cleaned, I’m anxious to dab the drums with something I have on hand, like Lubriplate 105, though it is not silicone based… right? I need patience, but now I’m real curious to get the deck back together. Meanwhile I have emailed you about ordering the Real Deal Silicone solution.

  2. Package is set to go out Monday 8/12. Lubriplate is good for items that really have to move but the two tension arms are not those places. The left one certainly need damping silicon and the right one also does well to have it in there. I can remember units that were new and had resistance in those arms so they must have come with silicon in it originally but in all the years of oil and that being applied, the arms get too sloppy and then people ask why the arms jitter in fast wind. Clean out and put the Silicon back in the right arm and they do not jitter.

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