FB is a Pain in the Ass.

I have been restricted a number of times and I am getting tired of it so if you follow me, you might find me gone from there. I might just have to get a real website.

5 thoughts on “FB is a Pain in the Ass.”

    1. I looked at the rules and they are even more restrictive than other places and it says to avoid political subjects. Looks like another Liberal website limiting free speech so the same as FB. Certain not better.

    2. I have a membership at VK from a Russian friends suggestion but some of the stuff I still can not read as it doe snot
      translate it automatically.

  1. Hey I have three different FB sites or pages I usually view and none of the servers are working today.
    Maybe they were hacked or just messed up by a hacker. The SEC should not be able to upset FB but maybe a mad employee could. To be down for hours is ridiculous- did they not hear about backup.
    Another giant falls and all the Kings men could not put it together again. Who’s next?

  2. Maybe we should start our own site called EggonFacebook. Seems like no matter what size a place grows to that they can not keep the system up- maybe Zuckerberg should spend less time going into space and taking care of the company. To be down for such a long time they are almost as incompetent as Comcast where I lost entire day of connectivity. Boneheads exist and this is proof.

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