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Every once in a while there is a gifted person out there that takes it upon himself to help us Technicians and DIY hobbyist to fix their decks by making available parts that are very hard to find. This Fellow I talk about here is Marian. He has a web site that has many great products and if you are working on a tape deck, you are best advised to at least look around his site to see if he has a part you are looking for. I have purchased from him for the Sony WM-D6C and it is great to get parts that are just what we need.

I highly recommend you go check out this resource of parts-

BELTS- Do you know the size? This is where Technician get their belts from.

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    1. Hi Sam — Thanks for the referral (exchanged emails with this fellow, but he shied away when it came to the bottom line). People coming into these situations just don’t understand this is not the seventies anymore! We simply cannot work for next-to-nothing with all that has been invested. By way of example, just have a 40-50 year old car worked on and see what it costs! You really have to love that car (or tape deck).

      1. I know what you mean. I get a Akai reel deck person in once in a while that wants a extensive job done for less than $150.
        You can not work on that junk for that kind of money and they are not worth repairing anyway. Akai made a business of selling lies. Where are they now when all their life time heads are worn out? This is exactly why I don’t even take them in for the past few years as they just are not worth the trouble. New start up guys can do them if they want and I know of one guy who has made customers happy down in Florida but in general they are not worth the repair.

  1. I live in the Phoenix AZ area, and have a Teac X-1000R that needs work. Can you give any recommendations on where I can bring my machine for repair?

    1. I have no people in Arizona that I would send you to. It is a toss of the coin and most of the time you get tails quality.
      The only way to get ahead is to send it to me but the shipping is mot cheap. At least I get them working well and not like the one I am working on now from the Sharpie Technician who had fixed the unit to be dead.
      The Sharpie Technician is some Hack in Wisconsin as best as I can tell that always marks his heads with a large red Sharpie and so far ALL of his adjustments have been off. I don’t think he knows what he is doing and a Large sharpie on the heads screws will do nothing for you except to sign the head stack as an idiot.

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