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People have trouble buying good decks from E bay mostly because the equipment there is old and has had very little maintenance and some of it has been tampered with by amateurs. Well here is a place you can get a deck that has been checked out, calibrated and tested for correct function. They also have a 6 month warranty.

I will be offering Teac, Tascam, Nakamichi, Pioneer and other brands that have passed our testing procedure. There are units ready now I just have to get the pictures ready.

I have had units ready to sell but some of them sold before I could even take a picture of them to list here. It seems I can not get them ready fast enough.

Recently there was a repair that was done and the customer refused the unit so it is for sale here with a new capstan motor and belts plus all the alignment and calibration and a 6 month warranty. $185 The model is the DR-M14HX. Specs as measured can be sent to prospective buyers by E mail. Questions can be answered or further pictures sent as well.


630-616-0932 Office,  E mail.


People who have walkmans of the WM-D6C type continue to ask me if I have an AC adapter for it. Well I did a little research and came up with a limited number of these that can take in 100Vac to 240Vac and put out 6Vdc with a negative center post. These are made for these Walkmans and I have tested them with WM-D6C units. They are going for $12 each and have a 1 year warranty. It also comes with a smaller adapter that can work with other walkmans provided they are 6Vdc and negative center. 6Vdc at 1Amp.

These are switch type adpaters- Postage around $7.20 Priority mail.

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  1. Well if the info you seek is for tape decks, chances are I know something about the subject. There are some unusual type products that I have never seen but I can answer general questions about them. So what are you working on?

    For those that are looking to buy tape and supplies pertaining to the use of reel tape. There is a good place to get this stuff and I have made orders to in the past.
    It is

    1. I could write plenty but I need a subject. I am not here to fill up the page but to give answers to those that have trouble with equipment and don’t know where to turn to get it fixed. I am one who fixes them.

    1. I know of some that have them but I don’t know if he sold it already. One client of mine is always coming up with stuff. I will see if one is in stock now.

    1. Hi Jon,
      I do not have a V-70 deck here and have had few of them in for service. I think I had a V-80 once. We have decks to sell but not that particular one. If you send me an email I can put you into the list of people we notify when we have units ready to go. We will have some Nakamichi units ready t sell now or shortly. is the E mail address.

    2. Hi Jon,
      They are not all that common but E bay and other places including garage sales would be the best place to find one. Both the V70 and V80 decks have not made it to my collection and I do not hardly ever see them for repair.

  2. I have an original TEAC A5500 bought overseas 1976-77. Went into storage 1993. Boxed in the basement for two home moves. Just opened up last year as I have begun to reuse my stereo. Turned it on–lights up, but does not turn and makes a shrieking noise. Anyway after some research seems this model was the worst as far as motors were not enough power. Debating to have it fixed–saw some motors on ebay looking for the retro kit motors TEAC put out. These on ebay are EM1513 24 Volts 6.5 watts. Are these the retro fit motors ? I understand they need the the driver board as well to make the conversion. I see you charge $250 and up to overhaul. What would you replace the motors with ? It seems it may be a better option to buy another deck. I would appreciate your comments.

    1. Hi Blase,
      I did a couple of retro fit kits at Teac and they did work better but I do not think they can be obtained anymore and what the were was two AC motors that were put in not the DC motors. This deck and the A5300 were designed by Fostex Engineers which explains the two model blunder in the line. I do not suggest these be fixed and can probably be used for parts to fix better decks. The only exception would be if the units have sentimental value but the motor kit would have to be found to do the job.
      Even when they worked they were not great units.

  3. Sam,

    What is a good way to reset the speed of a TASCAM 488 thta has had the capstan motor replaced?

    1. The speed is set using a wow and flutter meter or frequency counter and the speed reference tape such as a MTT111 or the MXT111.
      The MXT is the double speed tape. The MTT111 can be used with a frequency counter as it will play at 6000Hz so just adjust for that.
      Wow and flutter reading can only be done with a correct 3KHz tape for the deck. If using a motor that is not the same as the original motor sometimes requires circuit changes to get it in the right speed range.

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