Items Ready to be Sold with 6 Mo. Warranty

These items listed  here are ready to be sold. Not every one will be a Mint as these are older units and often times rescued from adverse locations. Many of them are very acceptable and the pictures here are of the actual units. More units will come available as they are finished.

This Teac A2000 was restored with all new Electrolytic capacitors, New belts, heads have very few hours on them. All motors oiled, calibrated for LPR35 tape in High bias setting. The speed is 3005Hz with wow and flutter in the .04% range as AMSoil was applied to bearings and motors. All pots and switches cleaned. It has a new motor run capacitor. The unit has some upper left damage of a corner to one panel. I did not have new one to put on at this point. Works very well at both speeds. 7.5 IPS is 50-20KHz inside of plus or minus 2dB at 0Vu relative to 200nWb/M flux density.

Asking $500. Other offers will be considered.





5 thoughts on “Items Ready to be Sold with 6 Mo. Warranty”

    1. A Teac A6300 is at the about finished stage. It has new wood side panels, It has been gone through very well and I think it has a full recap job on it as I am finding that these are now entering the age where it is stating to be needed. This unit is set up for MDS36 tape and is near to plus or minus 1dB from the 1KHz reference 50Hz to 20KHz. It most likely goes better than 20KHz but bench 2 has the Teac M826A test set and it only goes to 20KHz. Bench 1 has the Audio Precision that goes to 150KHz and sweeps. It is plugged up with Otari MX5050 capstan motor problems- I have 4 of them here now.
      The heads on this deck are not new but no where near how most decks I have seen come in. Probably between 300-400 hours on them. The unit comes with a new 10.5″ reel and empty reel from Splicit that is 7″ and NAB adapters that are new. Pricing is being determined as deck are in higher demand now and selling in this condition at greater amounts. It won’t be crazy like E bay though.

    2. There are unit here like the A4300 and A2300SD and others that are in line to be restored. It just takes time to get them out. When my trainee starts to be here 5 days a week we should be getting a lot of equipment out which is to start Oct 28th.

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