Local Service Shops?

I have been working on some machines that are clearly butchered by local shops. If I was to be doing this kind off work I would not put a big gold sticker on the back saying Electronic Sale and Service. The Service part is clearly not there. You have to be careful who you hand your equipment to and one of the first signs they are only after your money is the Deposit Fee.

Another thing I find annoying is that they don’t put all the screws back or that they put them in with a jack hammer and strip out the heads. Some machines that I get in show the only thing the guy who worked on it last was good at was putting a lot of wire ties on. Of course they all have to be cut out to correct his incompetent work. Just today I had a Audio board mounted wrong with tape and insulation foam added to the board. Why not save all this time and tape and put the board in the right way? They left the front pots not tightened down and then used a cassette deck belt in an open reel. It was real dirty inside but they did nothing about that. Maybe the dirt accumulated came from their shop where it sat for a long time. Of course it works well now. Teac’s lowest reel deck of the line an X-3 derivative called a 22-2 has a wow and flutter of .018% after I got done with it. Must be that AMS Signature oil I put in.

Recently I got a Pioneer RT909 in that had the belt changed in it and new Pinch Rollers put on. Yet the person at the shop completely skipped over the stuck Pinch Roller linkage and then when the 25 V zener diode shorted, he said he could not fix the deck. What kind of people operate shops like this- this one is in MO. I find it strange that they even take them in and charge for this kind of work- they are totally bogus I would say.

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  1. well ill be be. what is your name?? I worked for Sony. I used to fly up to Niles for training. and many time. I worked at the KC SSC. first one hired back in 82 when it opened.

    1. Sam Palermo, I was brought in when they could not handle the load of work they had and they kept me there for a series of weeks both at Niles and Westmont. I don’t think that we ever met but you never know. I also went to some of the Beta Video training classes they had there too.

  2. This sounds like another SEO. I have more work than I can handle, am already very well known and do not make any money on this blog selling anything. So if I get 10 or 1000 visitors it does not make a difference. Most of the posters I get are junk anyway- I don’t need any more of that.

  3. I got a ton of post like this one today which were all deleted. The fact is these work at home deals are never what they say they are and only take advantage of people in buying a business that then requires them to sell the business to others. IT IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF.

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