Power Supply Slamming

Today I get a second or third call from 800-334-7661 with caller ID as Com Ed. I end up talking to Shirley Brown a fake name I am sure as she has an accent. Then they try and talk you into changing your lower cost electrical supplier for theirs as they tell you $.0849/KWHr is their rate and that they will remove delivery charges and that from my bill. Since when does a power company call you to charge you less money? Then when I get to the verification department I talk to Steve Shaw and when asked what company he is with he then says Inspire Energy. So they are basically trying to slam my account with a $ .0849/KWHr from my $.0649KWHr and trying to make you think it is Com Ed doing this by using their name and phone number. This is fraud and at best deceptive practices. I have a good mind to make a complaint to the state so that they lose their license to do anything in IL. When foreign voices call you to make you change an account, know that it is most likely fraud and they may even be calling you from India or another country.

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