Repaired Abandoned Units for Sale

I don’t know why but there are a small group of people that bring me equipment and have it repaired and then never come pick them up regardless of how many times I call or E mail them. They after 2 years make it clear that they do not want the unit anymore.

First up is a Tascam 414 Mk II unit just checked out on the bench and comes with power supply and a New Maxell XL II C-90 tape.

Asking $200 with a 6 month warranty as usual. Other offers considered. Other pictures available from E mail.

This unit sold the same day as I put it on here.

Well a 112 Mk II is soon to come up.

2 thoughts on “Repaired Abandoned Units for Sale”

  1. Second unit at $500 is a repaired Tascam 34B Open Reel recorder. Picture will follow as I have it wrapped in shrink film since it was repaired and may have been shipped if paid for.

    I am getting tired of storing units for these clowns- they get added to my black list but I don’t expect to hear back from them ever again anyway.

    1. Well as a person called me to get their 22-4 repaired they asked if I had anything for sale and I mentioned the 34B and when he told me he was interested I pulled it from storage and went through it and it sold the next day. Good units that are left her for 2.5 years after a repair sure will sell fast.

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