Restored Units from E bay- Warning

I have had a few units come in to me for evaluation when they did not work right according to the sale description that they were restored. HA!

Not only did the unit I looked at was clearly untouched service wise but the reel table was pushed in- not by shipping, and all kinds of other signs were clear that this was a total fraud case- it came from NY. I name names but I did not gain this information.

If a unit is described as Restored keep in mind that Restored is a level ABOVE repaired. It means all new belts and rubber, new neoprene bumpers, new Electrolytic caps throughout and then aligned and calibrated with some level of heads that are not at their end of life. This was the complete opposite of the deck I inspected and this was clearly a fraud case so I told the client to send it back.

Restored units should have a warranty, it should say who the Technician was that did the work in order to validate the claim and it should relate what was done to it. It should list what tape was used to calibrate the deck and a length or warranty of the work done. My 6 month warranties are transferable. The guy who got ripped off ended up buying a deck from me and the one I sold him was restored with a warranty and calibrated to MDS36 tape. The speed was correct as well as I change the motor pulleys with a modified one when the specs demand it. This one did. It had a complete Electrolytic recap. Heads had about 300 hours on them so they were just past broken in. It had real wood panels on the sides and feet.

The deck the guy bought as restored had red screws in the bottom and NO feet! Beware there are a lot of crooks out there and E bay is full of them.

Here is a unit from Reverb- Serviced and yet he can put these head pictures on not clean and 90% worn out heads- $750 for a A3300SX deck. Crooks are everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Restored Units from E bay- Warning”

  1. Hi Sam,I hope this reply finds you well.My name is Alfred and I came across this site for I was looking for forums with more info about the Tascam 122 mkii,which I purchased as “refurbed” off ebay.I would like to call and speak with you if at all possible for I see a number but wanted to drop a line befor I call for I love this machine(I’m a newbie) and would like to try and make a connection for repairs and or evaluation.I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi Sam,

    I got a Revox A-77 and it didn’t play. Local tech got it running for me. But a half hour later it stuck in rewind and smoke came out.
    I thought he had replaced all the Fraco caps but he only replaced some.
    Not sure what to do next. Do you work on Revox?

    1. I did take them in a while back but right now I have too many decks in shop to take in any more. It all depends on where you are located as there are guys who have worked on those before. What is your location?

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