Satellite TV has outlived their usefulness!

Each billing cycle I have to go around in circles wasting a lot of time to get Dish to get to the amounts of billing their last agent promised. They make promises and then do not follow them. Direct TV is no better and probably worse now that incompetent AT&T owns them. I have good stories about them too.

I suggest you get a Roku box and Netflix and do away with all the Morons and idiots not to mention liars at DISH Network. They charge you all this money and still have commercials in the programming- that is all crap. You can get that from free by watching METV.

Comment with your experience. I wish Satellite would go away.

3 thoughts on “Satellite TV has outlived their usefulness!”

  1. Just realized I posted on satellite thread – sorry – although I have DirectTv and a Roku and agree with you 100% – Thanks for propmpt reply – I can record one song at a time for now – will check back with you next year – Thanks

    1. It happens. The decks are usually able to be repaired to like new condition pending the heads condition. I now use oils they did not have in the past that reduce bearing and motor friction and result in even lower wow and flutter values. Each machine is different. A total recap job although I will agree in some cases it is needed can become expensive due to the time it takes.

  2. If you search properly and put some effort forth the address and phone number is easy to find as in the post above.
    If it were not there would not be more than 200 units here.

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