TEAC X2000R Owners: New S301 Part Available That Works

For those who own this machine there is a weak part in it called S301 which is the solenoid ALPs direction switch. Once this starts to go bad you can try and spray it with Deoxit but that might not even work given the tiny and poorly made switch design. The correct answer is to put a properly designed switch in by Kurt Jacobs which is sold on E bay. This fellow has done some homework and has made a correctly made part that should have been put in the deck of this price in the first place. Ebay Item# 153025190388

I, as a past Teac Lead Technician recommend this part!


I have been told that if you need this part contact Kurt directly and ask him about it- he is the only source for it.    kurtsjacobs@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “TEAC X2000R Owners: New S301 Part Available That Works”

    1. More than likely if the primary is open the fuse link inside needs to be shorted and an external fuse put on it.
      Otherwise there are people parting out these decks and that is where a transformer would come from. I do not stock them here I fix them.

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