Teac X7R and other X7 models Fast Wind Speed Fix Modification

One of the most aggravating things is to fast wind a X7R and have to wait the 2.5 to 3 minutes to have it finish a 1800 foot roll of tape.  Ha! Teac knew there was a problem and  released technical bulletins to make some corrections. Well I use a different approach in application of the 30Vdc supply to the motors only in fast wind mode. Does this work you might say? Well both fast winds with my modification finished the same roll of tape at 58 seconds. I have taken a signal out of the logic that signals the reel motor drive that it is doing fast wind mode. This then goes through some resistors and transistors to invert the signal to drive a TIP107 transistor that then sends the higher voltage to the motors. There is a diode that maintains the 14Vdc supply at play mode on those motors and that prevents the feed of the 30 Vdc supply back to the 14Vdc supply. I have tested this deck and it is going through more tests but if you want to get your deck corrected for this problem, contact me.

Well the first of my mods is out there and only time will tell if the client likes it. I have a feeling that anyone who has sat through the slow wind speeds will fine this less than a minute speed much better. I have obtained some further parts to build these kits. I just have to do the  schematic and instructions. I think the idea will be well received once people find out how well these decks can work.

4 thoughts on “Teac X7R and other X7 models Fast Wind Speed Fix Modification”

    1. Hi Ron,
      I think that it can be made with commonly available parts. 2N3904, 1K resistor, TIP107, 10 Ohm 15Watt resistor and then a small piece of proto board and a way to mount it. The wire can be had from scrap pieces of old computer power supplies. Most Technical people have these parts around or something like them. I have not had the time to make a kit as the demand has been low but I guess I can make a kit after June. I have so much work here that extra projects I do not need.

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