The Crooks at AT&T

I have a copper twisted pair land line and they not only increased the bill in one month $7.00 which is 17.5% higher but they have no good reason to do so. Not only that the government tacks on all kinds of expensive taxes that I never authorized them to do. When are the people of this nation going to take back control- IF you say we need a revolution and to out ALL these government free loaders , well I am in. This is going too far in all this day of advanced technology the land line should be going cheaper NOT more. They have far too many idiot executives at AT&T and it is far too top heavy for a company to be proficient. Elon Musk where are you with the Musk phone system- we need AT&T to go out of business. Even $30 a month for a copper twisted pair line is all it should cost as they do nothing to maintain it like VOIP lines. If a bill comes to me that I do not like I just do not pay it- what can they do to me I am going to cut their line anyway.

While places like AT&T increase prices and give worse service places like Consumer Cellular increases data plans and keep the price the same. I have been a customer for some years and I have no complaints about CC.

Now they contact me with a Fiber optical internet connection but they will not bring fiber optics into my house so what are they really selling? After the promotion price I bet it jumps way up- they don’t even tell you what that rate is.

2 thoughts on “The Crooks at AT&T”

  1. Spot on. Have had only a cell phone for years, but recently called AT&T about re-establishing land line service. They quoted upwards of $75/month for basic service! Robbery. Ridiculous. My sister does not like using the cell phone and wants a standard old style land line phone. Bought a box that is supposed to offer a bluetooth link to a cell phone (with BT of course) for any old POTS phone. Could not get it to work right… a project that wasted time & money, largely thanks to f***ing AT&T.

  2. Well now they are bringing fiber to the pole for internet but the people they have installing it must not have read the instructions as these Owens Corning cables they have hanging in my trees could easily be cut and removed- how much is 40 feet of fiber cable? What kind of numbskulls do they hire to put the fiber in? I don’t want to hurt the guy who service it is but when the tree people come to trim trees do you think they will care what they are cutting hanging down where it is less than 6 feet high? It is just a matter of time. I know that fiber cable does not splice easy up in the air so it will probably require a whole new run. If you get AT&T fiber put in maybe you will want to watch where they run your fiber cable as your internet might not be safe that way they did it in my back yard.

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