The Crooks at AT&T

I have a copper twisted pair land line and they not only increased the bill in one month $7.00 which is 17.5% higher but they have no good reason to do so. Not only that the government tacks on all kinds of expensive taxes that I never authorized them to do. When are the people of this nation going to take back control- IF you say we need a revolution and to out ALL these government free loaders , well I am in. This is going too far in all this day of advanced technology the land line should be going cheaper NOT more. They have far too many idiot executives at AT&T and it is far too top heavy for a company to be proficient. Elon Musk where are you with the Musk phone system- we need AT&T to go out of business. Even $30 a month for a copper twisted pair line is all it should cost as they do nothing to maintain it like VOIP lines. If a bill comes to me that I do not like I just do not pay it- what can they do to me I am going to cut their line anyway.

While places like AT&T increase prices and give worse service places like Consumer Cellular increases data plans and keep the price the same. I have been a customer for some years and I have no complaints about CC.

Now they contact me with a Fiber optical internet connection but they will not bring fiber optics into my house so what are they really selling? After the promotion price I bet it jumps way up- they don’t even tell you what that rate is.

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  1. Spot on. Have had only a cell phone for years, but recently called AT&T about re-establishing land line service. They quoted upwards of $75/month for basic service! Robbery. Ridiculous. My sister does not like using the cell phone and wants a standard old style land line phone. Bought a box that is supposed to offer a bluetooth link to a cell phone (with BT of course) for any old POTS phone. Could not get it to work right… a project that wasted time & money, largely thanks to f***ing AT&T.

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