The Finest of ALL Service Manuals

I know I can be negative at times but when I find a supplier that goes beyond the call of duty I mention that too.

That is

Well the deed has been done. If you need a Tascam 58OB manual contact Rick at as I just got my two copies and they are outstanding in quality and clarity.
Every page straight and without marks you get from other places plus you can read all the boards and schematics.
This is the only place to get correct and well made manuals.

2 thoughts on “The Finest of ALL Service Manuals”

  1. Hi Sam

    Thank you for introducing me to Rick and Every manual I’ve ordered from him is top notch; legible, organized and well assembled. Plus the turnaround time is pretty fast.

    1. You are Welcome.
      Every time I find a good thing I pass it along- there is no reason to keep this stuff a secret.
      I buy from him too.

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