The Finest of ALL Service Manuals

I know I can be negative at times but when I find a supplier that goes beyond the call of duty I mention that too.

That is

Well the deed has been done. If you need a Tascam 58OB manual contact Rick at as I just got my two copies and they are outstanding in quality and clarity.
Every page straight and without marks you get from other places plus you can read all the boards and schematics.
This is the only place to get correct and well made manuals.

10 thoughts on “The Finest of ALL Service Manuals”

  1. Hi Sam

    Thank you for introducing me to Rick and Every manual I’ve ordered from him is top notch; legible, organized and well assembled. Plus the turnaround time is pretty fast.

    1. You are Welcome.
      Every time I find a good thing I pass it along- there is no reason to keep this stuff a secret.
      I buy from him too.

    2. Keep in mind that this is a different world now than what we had known in the 50’s to 2000. The government keeps on making more mistakes and No I am not against Trump, I am talking about the government that is under ground or otherwise known as the Military Industrial Complex. There are some real evil people in outfits like the CIA and also the NSA that came from the Nazi party.
      Don’t get me started.
      Just know that the stresses placed on Rick through a lack of business and from some customers that are nasty to deal with and I don’t mean you, that tempers can flare and then the next guy in contact is in for a fun time. I can get pissed too but from my Police training it is always good to keep a level head and try to get to a place that both parties can be satisfied with. Developing a pissed customer does no one any good and I have some too. You can not make everybody happy all the time- it is not possible.

      As I train new Technician to work on tape decks so there will be a source in case I stop or get taken out by the CIA- remember what happened to Kennedy? That was their work. I will tell them that when dealing with the entitlement type customer that they are going to want everything for free. I tell them that these customers should have their decks worked on by Bernie Sanders and cut your losses as some customers will cost you money. There are plenty of good and respectful people out there but they do notr seem to come from generation X.

  2. Rick was in a lousy mood when I ordered an Otari manual. Paid up front via PayPal, then he kind of spazzed because he didn’t see that I had properly filled out his email order form. Annoyances ensued, unfortunately, and we butted heads — all the while, he might have just thanked me for my order and for simply pointing out that he’d overlooked my ship-to info… but… oh well, it’s over and done and now I am banished from ordering anything else from Rick! Not to fret as I can simply order via a friend, and Rick will have no way of knowing. BTW, the Otari manual is like Sam described, top quality. Too bad if you catch Rick in a bad mood or rub him the wrong way — he can’t be wrong! It must be me! Sigh.

    1. As I was Telling Gerhard when a unit came back and the customer was mad, the service business is a lot about how you handle customers and you need to defuse the situation. But something must have been wrong on both ends to get to this point. Rick is going through the stresses of the business not being all that good as everyone wants things free. Free is good sometimes but when you have to do technical things and the diagrams are scanned like crap as in Hi Fi Engine then you have no other choice than to get a good paper manual to work from. I have had many dealings with Rick over the years and some are agreeable and others not. Everything can not go YOUR way all the time. Still overall I get good manuals from him and that is what I find to be important. I am kicked off Hi Fi Engine but I still get manuals there under a different name too.
      I think Rick is acting premature to stop people from buying more manuals. He might reconsider.

      1. The manual I bought from Rick ($52 including shipping) is just as Sam has described on this site — clean, clear, very high quality. I do not regret getting the manual, as it is for my main deck that I use day in and day out. But apparently Rick’s stress over poor sales got to him when he & I clashed over the order details. I’m sorry to say that it quickly deteriorated to the point of name-calling. For a man who puts ‘Jesus’ and ‘Lord’ in his email signature, he sure can swear… highly inappropriate for anyone wanting to boost their sales! To be fair, we were both at our worst, I think. Regrettable, but I think Rick’s stress got to him. He says I’m banished from his site, but any friend can place orders for me, so that’s an “empty” punishment. Fine manuals, prickly owner. Does supplying the best product around mean he doesn’t have to be civil to paying customers?

        1. Everyone has a bad day and it is human to have them. Rick can be set in his ways but also consider the stress of the business and what he has to deal with all the time. I have the same thing at my shop. Customers that have to get their units back rather than waiting to have them finished- these people are not aware that they go on the black list at this point and I will never work on their product again. Maybe that will not be an issue anyway. Yes there is a lack of work force to fix these machines. I get people begging me to work on Akai units but no thanks. I send them down the road to a guy who needs the work. There is plenty of work for everyone.
          Still when dealing with customers it is best to keep a positive perception and not to allow a situation to go the wrong way as this will not help either party. I had a guy tell me my price was too much for the repair of a cassette deck that everyone has been paying and there are no complaints. Turns out this is a sign of trouble right away and then it turns out he is contacting me from Saudi Arabia. Hey I told him to send it to a cheaper repair facility in Europe. I bet you he does not find any or that they do not do the same job as I do. I am NOT looking for repairs from outside the USA as they just cause all kinds of problems.

    1. Are you serious about not working on Akai machines? I’m curious as to why,if you have the time to answer. I’m just curios like the cat. I actually have an Akai reel to reel i needed some restoration done on it.It’s suffering from old age and neglect.I bought it from a pawn shop in Springfield, Massachusetts back in the 90’s i think. it works but you have to help it along when you try to get it moving. I have another Reel to reel it too could use some restoration work on itself as well,it’s a Pioneer RT1020L this one woks i think but i have not tried it yet because i don’t know how to hook it up me stupid but its not easy when your old and dumb.

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