U Tube Video instructions HA!

I keep on getting people referring to U tube instruction videos. Most all of them are wrong in some way or another. The other thing is they jump over 90% of the work that needs to be done, use the wrong terms and are just totally incompetent on a Bench. Teac would never hire them. Things to watch out for- Sine wave comes from a I Phone- no real Technician would ever use this piece of junk. They have real equipment. They use a DVM to measure audio signals- This is totally wrong item to use for this and is inaccurate. They put oil where grease goes and grease where oil goes. They can not even determine the need in what they are working on. They take face plates off decks when it is totally unnecessary. Why take all this off possibly damaging parts when the real Technicians never do? You are better off calling me or Russ Bachmann in NJ to find out how to do something- NOT all technicians are so free with their advice as they are too busy. If I have 200 units sitting here waiting to be worked on what makes me want to sit and talk to a hobby person to fix his deck. Sometimes I do but there is a limit to how much I can help as some of this requires one on one training- there is no other way. I am working with some people now to expand the possible person to send units to. Gerhard is in FL and he is doing rather well with all the equipment I refer to him. Dean in Canada is overcoming his problems with cassette decks, Mike in MN is setting up his bench and getting ready to do some work. Find a correct Technician and save money as all these local shops are only there to charge you a fee without doing any real work! I have seen it done here in Chicago.

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  1. i love your sarcasm,i need some reel to reel work on a couple of machines and im looking for a decent auto reverse machine.what is a good brand machine? give me an answer by email please !!!

    1. Hi Kurt,
      At least you are persistent. The Akai brand is one built mostly on lies and deception where you get a pretty face but all kinds of cheap and bad engineering under the hood. They are usually more trouble than other brands. In this they do not look very attractive to repairmen than already have 200 or more units to work on that are good unit and are straightforward repairs. The Akai brand states they have life time heads- 97% of the units I saw in Chicago were worn out. One was so bad that it was 11dB down at 6.3KHz and all above that was gone- Is this a lifetime head performance? If it is any cassette deck could probably beat it. This was a GX635D. I asked the customer when he picked it up if he has any fidelity problems with the deck and he said no. The ignorant owner is Akai’s best customer. Parts- other than parts taken off other decks, there are no parts. The heads are small and mounted in such a way that there is no way to replace them. Under these circumstances you can clearly see how when I work on Pioneer, Teac, Otari and Tascam where I can get parts to replace that then the Akai is left to Hobbyist and amateurs that again do not know better. I sum up the subject with a comment made to me from another well known Technician on the West coast- he had a GX747 and said it was the nicest piece of junk he ever sold. He does not own any Akai decks and so neither do I. Some of them can still be fixed if the heads are OK but that overall number is small.
      That is why I do not work on them. Gerhard down in Florida still does.

    2. My sarcasm is more one of enlightening a group of people who read this blog. It is more fact than opinion as I have worked in this field so long that I can see through the stupidity of these guys and that some even use the wrong terms for the parts. Their methods except for the very simple that anyone can figure out, are usually wrong and of no help to a person trying to fix their own deck. They find acceptance due to the lack of knowledge of people in the field who have never worked on a deck at all. They call these people smart but in reality they are not.
      If you wish to learn to fix decks or have a problem with one. Contact one of the service people who work on them and if they are kind, they will tell you what you need to do. Sometimes the answer is bring it in as the problem can not be figured out in the field with no test equipment.
      This is why I make these comments- you can tell someone to do a repair but if they do not follow your advice then how are you to help them?

    3. I have sent you an Email and outlines some choices. We are so busy here to not be able to provide sales information on products as this is not my purpose. I try and steer people in the right direction as much as possible but some ignore common sense and go off buying some of the junk and lies that were out there for more than 3 decades. Akai is one of the biggest liars out there with regard to products that do not match their claims. Dokorder is second but at least on the few that I have seen I have fixed them.

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